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ICON’s Most Inexpensive Treadmill Among its Exercise Equipment

weslo treadmill


In 1977, Scott Watterson and Gary Stevenson founded Weslo Incorporation to finance their college education. The company mainly imports kitchenware, tableware, and marble products. However, in the late 1980’s Weslo Inc. ventured into the health and fitness industry considering its peak stardom during that time. They began manufacturing trampolines and later started on a product line with treadmills and bikes. Later on, the company was acquired by Weider Health and Fitness- a 50-year-old company, and at the time the largest producer of sport nutritional products and globe’s biggest publishers of health, fitness and lifestyle magazines in 1988. After six years, Weider sold the assets of Weslo Inc. to Bain Capital Inc. of Boston and later on the new name became ICON Health and Fitness Inc.

Now, ICON Health and Fitness Inc. is the leading producer and marketer of fitness and exercise equipment across the globe and its main company is situated in Logan, Utah. Talking about cardiovascular exercises, walking is one of the most favorable cardiovascular exercises for people of all ages, whereas, a treadmill is also a good and convenient way to perform regular exercise in the comfort of your home.

Weslo Treadmill is one of the most popular fitness exercise equipment. They are the most inexpensive type of brand treadmill, but are also of exceptional quality in line with other treadmills brand names such as Proform, Healthrider, and Nordic track under ICON Health and Fitness Inc. This machine is designed for beginners and walkers that do not engage primarily in extreme workouts.

Weslo Treadmill has normally no longer than a 90-day warranty and the prices range from $130 to $400 depending on its features. In the market, Weslo CardioStride 2.0 is probably the most low-cost treadmill. It is a user friendly and maintenance-free manual treadmill which has a smooth-running dual flywheel and a 250-pound capacity. Moreover, it has 3-position manual incline system with 13-20% range and a step-by-step console with extra large LCD display. Weslo CardioStride 2.0 is also a SpaceSaver design with folding running deck for storage. The compact design can fit anywhere in the house and does not require any electric power.

On the other hand, Weslo Pro CrossWalk 7.8 & Weslo CrossWalk S 7.9 are probably the most expensive Weslo Treadmill type since they both cost about $399, compared to the former treadmill which cost about $129. Both feature a CrossWalk arms which can help burn 50% or more calories. Other features such as 6 built-in training programs will aid in getting an overall excellent result, soft-cell plus cushioning will reduce about 22% joint impact and power incline control which can intensify workout.

In the end, Weslo Treadmill is a product of the leading producer and marketer of fitness and exercise equipment across the globe, which is an ICON treadmill that provides inexpensive cost considering the outstanding product features.

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