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Workouts for Different Weight Loss Goals

woman doing treadmill workoutsTreadmill workouts vary, as they should. A beginner doesn’t need the same speed, intensity, or incline as a more experienced person needs. Also, based on current weight and weight loss goals, as well as the present degree of fitness, workout needs can vary a lot. There is no such thing as “one size fits all” where workouts on the treadmill are concerned.

Tips On Workouts Using Treadmill

One formula for assessing fitness is to look at the resting heart rate and current weight. The lower the heart is, the better the cardiac condition, as a general rule. Age and resting heart rate is used to determine the intensity of a workout procedure. The formula for finding the optimum workout heart rate:

1. Figure maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from 220, i.e. for someone 42 years old, 220-42= 178. This is the highest the heart rate should go when exercising.

2. To find the target heart rate, subtract resting heart rate from the maximum, multiplied by the desired intensity, plus the resting heart rate added back in. For example, for the above person, assuming a resting heart of 72, for the lowest target, you would get: [(178-72)X 50%]+72 = 106(.5)+72=125. That is the target heart rate for 50% intensity.

3. For the highest target rate, follow the formula, using 85% for the intensity. [(178-72)x85%}+72=106(85%) +72= 162. That is the target heart rate for 85% intensity.

In this example, the target heart range for exercising would be 125 to 162. The lower number is a low-intensity workout, and the higher one is a high intensity workout.

Different intensities of workouts are available for weight loss. Though some are less intense than others, all will contribute to weight loss with a focus on diet as well. These intensities vary by heart rate and duration. All should start with a 10 minute warm-up. The warm-up is best done by doing a lower intensity of whatever activity you are about to undertake.

For the low intensity workout, do the warm-up followed by 25 minutes at 60-70% intensity, and a 5 to 10 minute warm down. For interval training, do the warm-up and then follow by 5-minute alternating intervals of 70-80% intensity and 60-70% intensity for four intervals, then end with a warm down.
For high intensity, start with warm-up, then do 8 second sprint to 75-85% range and maintain for 5 minutes if possible. Follow with a 12 second recovery to let heart rate drop quickly. Repeat this routine for up to 15 minutes. Do a warm down to end the workout.

To develop your own workouts routine, there are a few tips.

1) Make it a consistent, daily habit;

2) Choose between 3-4 alternate workouts to vary the routine, alternating between an intense workout and a less intense one; 3) Find way to make the workout enjoyable, such as reading, listening to music, watching a DVD, or whatever will make it less boring4) record you workouts and your measurements for encouragement.

Studies have shown that treadmill workouts are the best among a number of different exercise machines. The average treadmill workout burns 705-865 calories; the stair machine- 637-746; the rowing machine – 606-739; the stationary cycle-556-604; the cross-country ski machine – 595-678. So this could actually be the way to go for weight loss.

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