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Tips for Getting the Best Mats for Your Treadmill

treadmill matsTreadmill mats are one accessory that is essential for anyone with a treadmill. Not only do they protect the floor from pounding and scratching, they protect against oil and debris from the motor, rollers and belt. Whether you have your treadmill on carpet or hardwood flooring, it is important to protect the floor beneath the machine.

In addition to protecting the floor underneath the treadmill, the mat can help prevent slipping and unwanted movement of some of the lighter weight treadmills. If they are large enough, they also offer a surface to step on and off of the machine more safely. This can prevent slipping and falling.

Treadmills can vibrate, causing noisy operation on a bare floor. A mat can help deaden or eliminate completely this noise from vibration. This makes the workout more pleasant, especially if you are trying to listen to music or watch television while working out.

An additional advantage to having a mat is to protect the treadmill from carpet fibers. This prolongs the life of the unit by keeping debris out of the electrical and mechanical parts. Treadmill mats also help prevent vibration that can increase the wear and tear on the mechanism. This means they will prolong the life of the machine.

Prices of treadmill mats vary by size, thickness, and the quality of the material they are made from. For more expensive treadmills, they are usually larger and require a larger, more expensive mat. Also, more expensive models are usually heavier, so might need a thicker and better quality mat. This, of course, increases the cost of the mat. However, the expense involved in a higher quality treadmill may well make it worthwhile to buy a better mat.

treadmill matsThe standard thickness for most treadmill mats is ¼” thick. However, for a higher priced treadmill, which probably means more weight and size, a mat of at least 3/8” thick might be needed. This does, of course, increase the cost of the mat. But, the extra protection is well worth it.

Different brands of treadmill mats are made from different materials. Some are made from solid vinyl PVC. These have a tendency, however to compress from the ¼’ to 3/8” original thickness to less than .05” with the weight of the treadmill and user. Another material, that does not compress, is recycled tires. This makes a environmentally green mat as well. Another material is a thermoplastic vinyl that does not compress like a softer vinyl.

Of course different treadmill mats with different quality will vary in cost. As with anything else, you get what you pay for. However, some of the treadmill mats made from better material s cost pretty much what lesser quality mats cost. Treadmill mats can start at $30 to $50 for the thinner ones, and approximately $10 more for thicker ones.

Since cost is not so much a consideration, it is important to check size of mat in relation to the size of the treadmill, as well as the thickness. In addition, it is important to determine if the material you are considering is one that will hold up without compressing.

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