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Treadmill FAQ

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Treadmill FAQ addresses most of the frequently asked questions about the correct usage of a treadmill. It focuses on the most common questions that can be answered in a simple, convenient way. Treadmill FAQs includes the possible ways of fixing treadmill problems without assistance from service centers. If you experience complex problems, it is recommended to look for your manual and search for treadmill FAQs. You can also visit a website and search for the particular brand or model you are concerned about.

What is the proper place for a treadmill?

Treadmills are ideal for household use. The required humidity is below 90% and the temperatures should be from 55˚ Fahrenheit to 90˚ Fahrenheit.

Does it need to be maintained?

People usually ignore the treadmill FAQ. However, taking proper care of treadmills could be crucial when it comes to daily performance. If you want to have a treadmill that will last for a long time, then regular maintenance should be provided. Take time to clean it after use.

Does a treadmill need a surge protector?

The answer is definitely YES. It could be damaged without the surge protector.

Why there is a static shock when using treadmill?

Static electricity builds up in the body especially when you are using a treadmill. This is common in winter season when the air can be dry. The electricity that has been generated came from the friction between the deck and the running belt.

What if the treadmill won’t power on?

Before you rush to the telephone and contact the customer service, consider these points.

  1. Is the switch turned on?
  2. Did you plug it in firmly?
  3. Is the outlet alive? Try to plug another electronic appliance to know if it works.
  4. Check the circuit or the fuse to ensure that it has not blown out.
  5. Unplug and turn off the treadmill and check if there are loose wires or cables.

If you are still stuck, it is now time for you to call the service center or the customer service for guidance and advice. You might want to contact some repair services. They can help you with your treadmill FAQ.

What is the best thing to do if the belt stops?

If the treadmill restarts while you hop off, the walking belt and the board need to be adjusted. Lift the belt and adjust between 3” and 4”. Try to check your manual or contact the customer service for proper guidance.

If you still have trouble after help from this Treadmill FAQ, try to consult your user manual or contact a repair professional so you can save your home treadmill.

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