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Buying Accessories for the Best Treadmill Operation

treadmill accessories

There are a large number of treadmill accessories that complement treadmills and their workouts. Some are for maintenance, some are to make workouts more enjoyable, and some are to make workouts more successful.

Kits come with a variety of treadmill keys, usually from 3 to 5 different ones. Lubricants include a silicone lubricant. Most include walking belt cleaner and rag.  They also include instructions about how to best maintain your treadmill in optimum operating condition.  Some include a surge protector  as part of the package, but not all do.

Treadmill mats can help protect both the floor underneath and the mechanics of the treadmill. With use, treadmills leave debris from both the belt and the motor. Also, hard surface floors can get scratches. Carpeted floor give off fibers that can clog the mechanism of the treadmill. This makes mats a good buy for both the machine and the floor.

Some treadmill accessories are designed to measure and get better results from your treadmill. Heart rate monitors can be added to those units that have none, or whose monitors lack features you want. Things such as body calipers help measure progress, working as inspiration and helping decide on any adjustments that may need to be made to workout routines.

Different workout routines are also available to add to the ones that come with the machine. These can sometimes be accessed entirely online. The variety of routines helps to prevent boredom and the problem of muscles adapting to set routines. Also, as the person trains, routines need to be increased in intensity.

There are safety treadmill accessories for use when the unit is being serviced. There is a danger of static electricity building up. There are two major treadmill accessories that help prevent that. One is a tinsel kit that is simply a ring of tinsel that dissipates static electricity. Another one is a disposable strap that acts as a ground to dissipate static electricity.

Other treadmill accessories are designed to make the workout time more enjoyable, less boring, and more productive. One such accessory is a laptop holder and desk. This allow the user to conduct business or enjoy movies on the laptop. They are relatively inexpensive, being somewhere below $50 in price. They can also be used for portable DVD players for watching movies and listening to music.

Reading shelves have long been an accessory for making treadmill workouts less boring. This makes the workout time a time for catching up on that bestseller, or work or school reading. No longer will that be an excuse to avoid exercising. You can do both at the same time.

Television stands are available that are adjustable to a range of heights. This allows you to watch TV while exercising. If you have DVR capability, you can even workout and catch up on those favorite shows you might have missed while at work.

A  treadmill desk is a relatively new and somewhat expensive accessory, but well worth the cost. Sitting for hours at a desk can lead to a number of health risks and lack of fitness. The treadmill desk fits around the treadmill, allowing you to walk at your desk tasks instead of always sitting in a desk chair.

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