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Top 3 Treadmill Brands

top 3 teadmill brandsWhen deciding which treadmill brands are best, there are a number of factors to consider. One important factor is price. Though it is not the most important, you do get what you pay for in this as in anything else. You will need to decide what features are important to you, determine the price you are willing to pay, and then decide which brands are best for you.

When considering best brands, it is necessary to rank them by price, then decide on the best one in each price category. It is impossible to compare a $5000 treadmill with a $500 treadmill and decide which is best. Of course, the most expensive is going to out rank the cheaper one in features. To compare fairly, it is important to compare “apples to apples,” so to speak. This means it is important to compare cheaper to cheaper, and expensive to expensive.

There are several important things to consider when comparing treadmills. The quality of the motor is one thing to consider. The size and strength of the deck is another.  The display, programmability, and monitoring ability are all important considerations. Some of the pricier models also have the ability to wirelessly connect to the internet for tracking and programming purposes. Impact protection, ease and convenience of adjusting speed and incline will make a the workout convenient and comfortable.

Several reviews have been done for all the major brands.  Dividing them into groups according to price range is the fairest way to determine how they compare.  They were arranged from low ($500 – $1000), medium ($1000 – $3000) and high ($3000 – $5000+).  Each group had a different brand that seemed to dominate. There were several that rated high in the medium range. Only one brand predominated in the low and high ranges.

In the lower part of the low range, Proform almost exclusively dominated.  In the upper part of that range, Bowflex dominated, though several models of Proform ranked high.  There were several different model numbers of each that ranked high in that price range.  In one study, the editor’s choice was Proform for the lower range and Norflex for the higher level. Overall, however, more Proform models were chosen, and had higher scores over all.

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In the medium price range the top brand overall was Nordic Track. Proform again showed up well, but Nordic Track dominated this category. Several brands had one of their models in this range, but ratings were not average, not close to the other two. The editor’s choice in both the lower end of this range and the upper end of the range were Nordic Track models. Proform has as high a rating, but wasn’t selected as editor’s choice.

In the high range, only two brands rated at all.  This may well be because other brands didn’t produce any, or at least many, models in this price range.  The only two brands that rated at all were Landice and Star Trac. Landice had a huge number of models that ranked, with Star Trac only having two models to place at all.

It is important to consider price along with other features when comparing treadmill brands. Buying a treadmill can be quite expensive, and comparing them based on features and price is the only way to get the best deal for you.

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