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How to Maintain Your Treadmill

Spirit TreadmillSpirit treadmill is one of the popular treadmills in the fitness equipment market which has a space saver folding feature. It specifies a 20×55 running surface with a 3.0 HP motor that speeds up to 12 mph; it also has the ability to incline up to 15 degrees angle. Other features include speed, distance, calorie information meter, and some workouts and heart rate control programs. It is inevitable that there will be problems with your treadmill, but there are some step-by-step procedures that you can follow in order to sustain a spirit treadmill before asking assistance from a repairman.

If the display does not light up on the treadmill, ensure that the safety tether is in place. See to it that the circuit breaker on the front grill is not jaunt. If it does, a reset is needed. Also, keep power switch on and scrutinize home electrical panel for jaunt circuit breakers as well as gusted fuses. Again, reset is necessary for the breakers and fuse replacement is advisable.

If the motor is not operating yet the display is light on, regulate the treadmill by taking out the safety key first. Afterwards, press and hold down the START and FAST buttons and replacing the safety key simultaneously. Upon seeing Factory Settings on display push the Enter Key. Next, choose the Metric/ English Settings by pressing UP or DOWN key and then pressing Enter Key. Keep in mind that wheel size diameter should be 2.810 before pressing again the Enter Key. Set the preferred maximum and minimum velocity and elevation, and then push the Start button for calibration.

Regulate the treadmill belt if it does not stay on axis and limit the belt speed for about 2-3 mph. Moving on, modify the bolt about ¼ turn when the treadmill is centered on the deck by placing the Allen Wrench in the left side bolt located at the rear base of the treadmill. Rotate it clockwise in order to steer the belt towards the right corner of the equipment. Rotate Allen wrench counter-clockwise if you wish to steer the belt on the left side.

If the belt impedes abruptly when the safety tether cord is being hauled, lubricate its deck. Use again your Allen wrench to slacken off the 2 rear adjustment bolts about 10x turns, until you can reach the belt using your hand. Use a clean cloth for cleaning the treadmill’s deck and squeeze the insides of the lubrication tube in one area adjacent to motor cover. Lastly, tauten the rear bolts and dash the treadmill at 6 mph without walking on the treadmill for up to 2 minutes.

In the end, it is easier and more convenient on your part to be equipped with information related to sustaining your spirit treadmill in order to prevent some additional costs necessary for repairing your treadmill.

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