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Sole F63 treadmill is a “Best Buy” and has a lot of amazing features and qualities to be enjoyed by people who are conscious about their health and body. This is one of the top ranked treadmills in 2011, and is also loaded with features that are typically found in expensive exercise machines.

Sole F63 is also the most affordable treadmill under the $1, 000. With this price range, you get all you need in a single treadmill.

For many years, Sole treadmills have been used by famous 5 star hotels. Recently, Sole have made their treadmills accessible to the home treadmill industry. If you think that Sole F63 treadmill is the perfect treadmill for you, then you should continue reading this Sole F63 review.


1. Made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and stability. Sole Fitness employs quality materials on their products such like the toque motor with fly wheels to keep the motor ventilated and extend the life span of the treadmill.

2. Features 2.5 inches rollers for longer life of the belt and for static-free movement. It can also accommodate heavy individuals compared to the standard treadmills under 1000 bucks. Basically, this treadmill can accommodate a 325-pound person, which implies that you can have a more stable experience with the treadmill.

3. With the speed and incline control on the arm rests, you can change the incline or speed with just a push on the arm rests instead of reaching out for the console. It is very helpful when you pick up your pace and do not wish to reach out to the console that can distract your stride.

4. You can change the incline up to 15% for longer calorie burning moments. If you are that kind of person who want to burn more calories, then it is good that you have this 15% incline.

5. With its built-in speakers, you can listen to your favorite music or audio book while working out. If you do not want to listen via speakers, then there is a 3.5 mm audio jack on it. Most treadmill available do not have this kind of feature, and this is great if you want your workout to be more enjoyable.

6. With its blue display, you can monitor your workout statistics easily. Sole F63 employs a vivid blue display console that constantly shows all your progress. This is actually not an advanced technology of Sole, but it is good enough for this treadmill.

7. With its built-in cooling fan, you can be kept cool while working out. This is just a simple function, but it aids in adding comfort while you workout.

Sole F63 vs Sole F65 – Which is best?

If you are planning to get a treadmill, then you may be thinking about Sole F63 and Sole F65. Based from thousands of user reviews, we have found out that the build, size and convenience are the best factors to think about. When compared both treadmills, it seems that Sole F65 has some advantages over the F63. On the other hand, they both have similar functions and features. Each model only depends on the tastes of the user. Listed below are the best features of Sole F65.

Let’s talk about its build and construction. If you are looking for folding treadmills, then it is an important factor. The construction is one of the most crucial factors in acquiring treadmills. The construction is broken down into  seven categories: folding, weight capacity, console display, colors and others.

One factor that is important in reviewing construction is folding. This is one feature for rating ifit Live models. Most people think that folding treadmills are one of the best considerations, and fortunately, both models are folding.

Size is also one factor in find the treadmill of your choice. It is also rated as one of the most crucial factors. This is divided into 7 categories: height, width, length, running surface length, and others. For the size, the main difference between the two models is their width. The width of Sole F65 is 39 inches and Sole F63 is 37 inches, only 2 inches difference. The width is crucial to iFit Live treadmills.


In general, Sole F65 win over the Sole F63 based on the performance and reviews from users. But to put it in simple words, each model will only be chosen based on the users preferences and budget. Both treadmills are great!

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Feedbacks from Current Users

We love this treadmill!

I read numerous reviews from different websites before I make my decision in buying Sole F63 treadmill. I just bought this model and I am enjoying it so much. This was shipped and delivered by ABF and all the people I talked to at the agency were very friendly. – TP, from Expert Reviews

Very good treadmill.

This is a good treadmill model. I acquired this because Sole has a good reputation and warranty. I read a lot of user reviews before buying this one. This is good enough for a walker/jogger like me. – Lisa, From Consumer Search

Excellent treadmill!

I have this treadmill for about one month. I am truly pleased with this model. The only issue I have with this one is the buttons on the panel. They look boring and cheap. They are very big, and look very plastic and cheap. Overall, this treadmill is good! – Jason, from cNet

Good treadmill, durable and well-built

I have had this product for about a month now. This treadmill weighs 253 pounds. The delivery men brought it in the front door. I had some people around me to help carry the package. It was easy to assemble, however, you have to have someone with you. – Richie, from Consumer Reports

How about ratings from other reliable review sites?

Treadmill Doctor – 4.5 stars

Consumer Reports – 4 stars

Amazon – 3.5 stars

Treadmill Ratings Reviews – no stars available, but they rated this as Best Buy

About – no stars available, but they rated this treadmill as one of the Best Budget Treadmills

The Pros and Cons


  • durable and stable
  • 20-inch belt
  • extended warranty
  • great for walking or light jogging
  • 15 percent incline


  • this is expensive if you just want to walk
  • if you are tall, you will find that the belt is short
  • the max speed is only 10 mph

Recommended for?

1. Light joggers or walkers

2. People who want to exercise and on a tight budget

3. People who are busy and don’t have the time to visit the gym

4. People who want to get healthy and physically fit

5. For mothers who are busy caring for their kids

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