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Another ICON’s Famous Product Line in the Globe

proform treadmills

Proform Incorporation is another subsidiary of ICON Health and Fitness, Inc., the leading manufacturer and marketer for fitness exercise equipment around the globe. A lot of people know about ProForm -especially when talking about treadmills. Being one of the chief companies in the late 70’s with a lot of experiences, product researches and improvements, ProForm Inc. along with Weslo Inc. have been able to contribute for decades towards revolution of the Treadmill Industry. Aside from manufacturing and marketing treadmills, the company also ventures in product lines such as bikes, elliptical machines, and almost all gym equipment for effective fitness workouts.

Talking about staying fit and healthy, like Weslo Treadmill (also under ICON Health and Fitness, Inc.), ProForm Treadmills are not extremely expensive, which is a very good thing for health conscious people who have a limited budget. The price ranges from about $450 up to $ 2,000 in accordance with the features.

The majority of Proform Treadmills have a space-saver foldaway design, iFit compatibility (download new-fangled treadmill exercises programs from the Internet), heart rate monitoring, CD players, workout fans etc. This is often seen as a treadmill with a well-built construction and reliability. It also has a 90 day warranty, whereas, 12-15 years motor warranty on selected models. On the contrary, it is not appropriate for heavier people and outgoing runners and those who are frequent treadmill users.

Among all Proform Treadmills, Proform Crosswalk 2.0 XT Treadmill is probably the least expensive model but with outstanding features which include a 2.5 horsepower motor designed for long term use, LCD display for tracking (speed, time, distance, pulse, calories), built-in arms for total body conditioning, three preset personal trainers workouts (aerobic, weight loss & performance), and Prosoft cushing system for joint impact reduction up to 15%. On the other hand, Proform Trail Runner 4.0 Treadmill is probably one of the most expensive ProForm models since it has a built-in web browser and other exceptional features.

To sum it up, ProForm Treadmill are one of the ICON’s most famous product lines in the globe mainly because of the company’s constant innovations. This brand of treadmill is great for the users, especially those who are health fitness-inclined individuals since the peak of fitness equipment industry in the past, since not only they manufacture and market good appearance and quality ProForm products but basically designed treadmills in accordance with people’s preference.

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