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If you are looking for the full review of ProForm 590T treadmill, then you are in the right place. ProForm is one of the best manufacturers of treadmills in the market. ProForm treadmills are also well-built treadmills. In addition, ProForm produced another best-budget treadmill, the ProForm 590T treadmill. This is one of the best deals for those who are in a tight budget. In fact, one of the top consumer magazines in the United States rated this treadmill as “Best Buy”.

Important Note: It is imperative that you must know the limitations of ProForm 590T treadmill. This is no heavy-duty model. This is only perfect for light joggers or walkers. In case you are looking for a model that is for multiple users, then this model is not suit you. We recommend you the Sole F85 treadmill (click here to read the review). Also, a 300-pound user is not recommended on this treadmill. He or she should weight around 220 pounds or more.

This innovative treadmill is ideal for anyone who wants to stay fit, especially persons who are having problems with their weight. With the help of this workout machine, you can surely drop the extra pounds and obtain your weight loss goals and figure. However, you do need to work out regularly so that you can keep your positive weight loss results.


1.) ProForm 590T treadmill features an iFit Card Technology. This feature includes computer cards that can be plugged to your treadmill. These cards consists of different workout programs that are centered on numerous fitness objectives like weight loss and body sculpting. These cards manage the incline and speed of the treadmill with audio coaching. These design was inspired by certified fitness trainers. Also, there are cards made by Jillian Michaels.

2.) 2.25 HP continuous duty motor. This power is only good for walkers and light joggers. It may accommodate joggers that are slightly heavy. This motor is covered with a 25-year warranty.

3.) 12 Quick Calorie-Burn Workouts. This is an innovative feature from ProForm. This feature will let you choose how much calorie you want to burn. Your treadmill will change the speed, workout time, and incline to meet your fitness objectives. It has 12 workout programs that you can select from.

4.) 20 by 55 inches treadmill belt. This is a standard size for walkers. This is not advisable for tall joggers because they will find it very inconvenient.

5.) Built-in speakers with iPod input. With this feature, you can plug in your iPod or music player and ejoy working out. Don’t want to use the speakers? Then make use of the headphone jack. You can also find this feature to other latest models/brands of treadmills.

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Proform 590T vs Proform 1050T

ProForm 1050T is the next model of 590T. However, what features/functions were added to this latest model? Find out the answer by checking out the comparison  table below:

FeatureProForm 590TProForm 1050T
Price$999.00 - Check discount here!$1, 599.00
Dimensions (inches)59.5 x 70 x 3459.5 x 70 x 34
Maximum Weight Capacity (Pounds)300325
Speed Range (miles per hour)0 - 100 - 12
Incline Range %0 - 100 - 12
Motor (Horse Power/HP)2.252.25
DisplayLCD, high resolution graphic displayLCD, high resolution graphic display
Number of Workout Programs1220
Warranty25-year motor warranty; lifetime warranty on frame; 1-year warranty on parts and labor25-year motor warranty; lifetime warranty on frame; 2-year warranty on parts; 1-year warranty on labor

Ratings from Other Treadmill Review Sites

Amazon – 4.5 stars

BestTreadmills Review – 4.5 stars

Epinions – 4 stars

Consumer Review – 4 stars

Treadmill Ratings Reviews – no star ratings available, but they rated this as Best Buy

Comments from Users

These are actual comments/reviews from users. We took them from different review sites. More and more people are loving this model! Check them out below:

Does what it claims.

You should have a partner when assembling this treadmill. It will take around 2 hours to assemble this. It is not difficult to assemble if you read the manual carefully. I am pleased with this model. It is easy to use and does all my workout needs. – Memoia, from Consumer Reports

This treadmill meet my needs.

This treadmill came with a huge packaging. I had to request the delivery crew to carry it for me to where I want it to be placed. For the assembly, my son and husband did not find any issues. It took them few hours though. You need to have someone with you if you want to assemble this. – Terry P., from Consumer Search

This is a good investment!

This is a wonderful blessing to me. I always workout and I have encountered numerous models. This model surpassed the others. I was not happy with my old treadmill, not until use this one. With this treadmill, you can easily change the incline and speed. Thank you ProForm! – Shirley P., From Expert Reviews

Very nice treadmill.

This treadmill arrived promptly and was placed where we want it to by the delivery crew. My husband assembled the unit around 2 hours and had no problems on the way. All in all, we are pleased to use this treadmill, and we could not ask for more. – Schwartz, from Epinions

What are the Pros and Cons

The Pros:

  1. It does not take lots of space
  2. It offers an ease of use
  3. Great features
  4. Satisfactory warranty

The Cons:

  1. It is quite difficult to assemble
  2. This treadmill has some limitations

Recommended for?

  1. Those who are in a tight budget
  2. Those who have small area in their house
  3. For a single user/personal use
  4. Mothers who are busy of taking care with their kids
  5. People who want to exercise at home

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