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Having a healthy and fit body is what most people wish for; living a healthy lifestyle is the best way to achieve your desired weight and body figure. It usually involves good eating habits. However, eating healthy and nutritious food is not enough. You also need to exercise regularly to keep your body in good shape. If you are looking for an exercise equipment to help you lose weight, the Proform 400 GL is an excellent option.

This treadmill is powered by 2.75 horse power Mach drive motor system for ultimate performance and comes with a pair of two and three pound hand weights to maximize your workout routine. This incredible workout machine is great for everyone. It is easy to set up so you can quickly work out in any room you want. With its user-friendly features, durability, and excellent overall quality, you really can’t ask for much more.

Ease of Use

ProForm 400 GL is very easy to use, so operating it is certainly not a problem. It is also equipped with a ClearView display that is quite easy to read. This feature shows you your exercise feedback which helps you monitor your workout progress.


This treadmill is completely safe to use. It features a ProTech impact absorption which keeps your legs and joints from stress every time you work out. It even has an integrated CoolAire Fan to give you more comfort.

Versatility and Convenience

Proform GL treadmill is getting more and more popular because of its various outstanding attributes; these include its versatility and convenience. Flaunting its QuickSpeed and Power Incline controls, you can now alter both speed and incline in a more convenient way. There is no need for you to stop or pause your workout to change the speed/incline, as you can quickly do it without stopping now.

Advanced Features

Another remarkable thing about this treadmill is that it is loaded with advanced features which are rarely seen on other treadmills. It features EKG Grip Pulse Sensors that gives you the accurate heart rate reading while exercising. This feature helps you track your heart rate which is really great. It also features six personal training workouts that you may choose from, and a one of a kind carb counter that calculates the total number of burnt carbohydrates in grams.

A Real Space Saver

This treadmill is constructed not only to help you burn fat but also to help you save more space. With its space-saver design, you can easily fold it in a vertical position which makes the storage a lot easier.

Let’s hear it from the happy users…

I am really impressed with this model. I like the automatic incline and power controls. This machine has its own place to put my drinks and magazines. – Elsa, from Amazon Customer Review

This model is a space-saver. If this is folded, this has the size of a bath tub rug. This feature is perfect for me since I live in a small apartment. – Tom, from Runners World

This model is easy to use. This is really worth the money. My friends recommended this model, and I am so glad I bought this. Thank you Proform! – Brekke, Treadmill Talk

With Proform 400 GL, you can easily get a complete workout right at the comfort of your own home. So what are you waiting for? Visit the most trusted online shop, Amazon, so you can get one now.

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