proform 350 imageIn this post, we will explain why we do not recommend Proform 350 treadmill. If you are looking for a cheap unit under 400 bucks, then you should avoid this one. This model is very noisy and plastic constructed. For sure, this one will withstand regular use, and will not last long.

Let us start with the assembly aspect. Most consumers are complaining about the assembly. The bolts do not fit and the holes were not cut correctly. The alignment of the unit is not 100% perfect. Once you managed to assemble the unit (which we believe you won’t, especially if you are a newbie), it will be shaky. The product description has stated that this unit can support a 250-pound user, but in reality, it can only accommodate 160 pounds because of its construction quality.

Once assembled, most users have complained that the unit did not work at all. One of the functions in the control board is not working. You still have to call the customer service of Proform to get this fixed by one of their home service technicians.

Let us talk about the features and facts about this unit. The Proform 350 possess a very small motor. The product description says that it is 2.25 HP, but in reality it is only 1.25 HP. With its small size, we doubt that it is 2.25 HP. It does not have workout programs, a small running surface of 17 by 50 inches, top speed of 10 miles per hour, and a maximum incline of 10 percent. We were shocked to see that the unit has no programs since this should be a feature that should be included in cheap treadmills.

We believe that this treadmill is one of the manufacturer’s defects. The Proform 350 is a substandard unit, poorly manufactured product that we would not recommend to potential buyers. Do not be lured with the good looks and price. You will just waste your hard-earned money in the end.

For being a substandard product, we gave a half star rating or 0.5 stars.