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Nowadays, a lot of companies that are related to health and fitness have established their reputation by building quality, innovative, and user-friendly gym equipment. That is why they have found out that there are a lot of health benefits that you can get from a treadmill. So, if you are looking for a portable and walking treadmill, here is LifeSpan Fitness TR200Fold-N-Stor Compact Treadmill. This is a newly introduced treadmill in 2011. You can quickly assemble it, and store it under your bed or you can easily stand this behind your closet or behind your door.


It comes fully-assembled and you can use it right after you get open the packaging. This is integrated with a blue LCD console; this way, you can track your time, calories, distance, steps, heart rate, speed, and incline level. With this, it is more convenient for you to determine your workout progress by simultaneously viewing and reading your exercise profile.

LifeSpan Fitness TR200 Fold-N-Stor Compact Treadmill has also a control system that you can easily work with. These controls are the start button, up and down arrow keys, speed and incline buttons. Actually, the controls for the speed and incline buttons are truly handy. The options in every side of the console let you skip to 3, 4, 5, or 6 miles per hour or incline level 4, 6, 8, or 10. The console can also offer you six exercise programs; these are considered to be the critical factor for those people who want to get in shape. With these programs, you can alternate your routines and make the most of your workout experience.

Other related features includes: built-in speakers, headphone port for iPod or MP3 player and contact heart rate grips. You can take advantage of a lifetime warranty on its frame, five years for the motor, and one year for its parts and labor.


  • Belt size: 17 by 48 inches
  • Drive motor: 1.5-horsepower continuous-duty motor
  • Speed: 0.5 to 8 miles per hour
  • Incline: 10 levels
  • Dimensions: 30.5 by 51.5 by 60.5 inches (W x H x D)
  • Folded dimensions: 13.5 inches tall when lying flat; 59.5 inches tall while standing
  • Capacity: 250 pounds


  • This is a treadmill that is reliable, user-friendly, convenient to use
  • It can target high-level fitness consumers as well as to those who just want to maintain their weight
  • This is rated as excellent kind of treadmill when it comes to its performance
  • This is available in all fitness stores and markets
  • This is the best piece of exercise equipment


  • Can be expensive

Let’s hear it from the happy users…

This treadmill is very portable but heavy. However, you can easily fold this model. This is ideal for power walking, and this model is best for me. – Carissa, from Consumer Search

I use this treadmill twice a day to help me stay fit and in shape. So far, I do not have problems with this model. The best unit for me… – Moriss, from Amazon Customer Review

This treadmill does not have any assembly process. Just take it out of the box, do some setups, and you’re good to go. I can use my iPod with this treadmill. This features makes me entertained while working out.- Mark, from Epinions

In 2011, people got to experience the enchanting styles, designs, and benefits of this treadmill. This is a well-known treadmill since it can satisfy every user’s workout needs. This machine is committed to delivering incomparable performance and in creating the wildest trends of every treadmill.

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