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Walking is one of the most beneficial cardiovascular exercises that can be done by you. This is ideal for all age groups as well as fitness levels. This is the fundamental form of aerobic training. Walking does not just give benefits to the heart but also so some major organs like your lungs and circulatory system.


The Horizon T100 Treadmill will offer you an extra-durable frame, spacious area, and a powerful motor that will last for a lifetime. The motor will provide you with smooth and fluent power; even joggers will enjoy the steady belt motion underfoot.

You can easily adjust the speed from 0.5 to 10 mph in 0.1 mph increments; with this being said, you can do several walking and running options. Attached here is the six program options of this treadmill that help you keep all of your workout progress. The pulse monitor hand grips will allow you to check your heart rate easily. Quick Speed/Incline Keys will allow you to immediately change from 2 to 10. Its four LED windows gives you a lot of workout data. AeroSoft cushioning system that is situated below the belt will prevent your feet and legs from heavy shock. You can instantly adjust the incline from 0 to 10% degrees.


  • This is good for beginners
  • This is a challenging and exciting exercise regimen
  • It can easily maintain your fitness level
  • It will allow you to determine your pace, complexity, and the distance you traveled
  • Easier for people who have sensitive joints
  • Unique features attached


  • Quite large in size
  • It cannot be folded vertically

Comments from current users

I am enjoying this treadmill, this is the right model for my workout needs. The features are really good. This is a good value for your money. – Edward, from Runners World

This treadmill is very easy to use. It is very easy to use that you do not need to read the manual. – Julie, from Treadmill Talk

This treadmill is heavy! But I do not consider this as a flaw since it this should be the factor that you need to look for. This tells the durability and stability of the treadmill. However, you will need some help from friends to help you carry it. – Fannie, from Tribe Smart

Thanks to the Horizon’s manufacturing facilities because they have come up with this treadmill. This is unique in some other models and brands because it has its features that you can enjoy and work with. This is such a great help if you want to do something more beneficial to your health.

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