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Woman: Stay Healthy and in Shape!

exercise tips for women

Women are often more conscious than men when it comes to body figure. They experience some stages in their lives, such as pregnancy and menopause, which give them the greater tendency to gain more weight than men do. A woman who wants to have a healthy and fit figure should do body exercises as these are the best ways to achieve such. Here are some exercise tips for women to try.

4 Exercise Tips

Weight Training

It’s a common misconception that strength training for women will result to big and bulky muscles like in men so it is not recommended as one of the exercise tips for women. In fact, weight training is also suitable for women as it is for men. It helps get the muscles toned to help out in burning fats. Weight training should be done very carefully as it could lead to some physical injuries when done improperly. So it is very advisable to do this exercise under a professional trainer.

Cardiovascular Fitness

This exercise involves large muscles such as legs and helps in the heart and lungs to be stronger. It also lowers the blood pressure and burns lot of calories. This is one of the easiest exercises to perform even when at home. It includes running, walking, jogging, bicycling and swimming.

Fitness for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women have special needs when it comes to exercising as they are not only taking care of themselves but also the baby inside their womb. It is very important for a pregnant woman to be healthy and stay in shape but before going on exercising, the doctor should be consulted first for any special exercises or restrictions to be noted. It’s a ridiculous excuse for a woman not to exercise because she is pregnant; well in fact, it is very vital for a healthy body and baby.

For Women Over 50

Regular exercise at this age helps avoid some of the symptoms of menopause such as joint pains, anxiety, and sleep problems. Also, it reduces the risk of having heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes. The basic exercise tips for women over 50 must include cardiovascular training for the heart and lungs, weight training for strength and posture, and stretching for maintaining flexibility and range of motion in joints.

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