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What is Your Ideal Workout?

elliptical or treadmill

Which Will You Prefer

A daily workout is necessary if you want to reduce and burn body fat while maintaining your health and nutrition. What will be the best exercise machine for this type of workout? Is it an elliptical or treadmill ?

There are many differences between the two machines.  Both of these workout machines will give you an aerobic workout, but the elliptical trainer works on more muscles than a treadmill. Both are excellent in terms of performance and they both have distinct characteristics. Once you compare both machines you will be able to decide which will be the best option for you.

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When using the elliptical you will notice that it is low-impact. This low-impact motion is ideal for people who have joint, knee, or hip problems. The elliptical will work simultaneously in your upper and lower body parts. It will also increase your heart rate and is the best workout machine for your back, legs, shoulders, chest, and arms. One of its great features is that you can include a lot of pedaling –specifically in a backwards motion, which will target your quadriceps muscles.

A Treadmill will definitely give you excellent workout. This is a smart choice for people who just want to walk, run, or jog as their exercise option. It is ideal for beginners who want to lose weight. They have various intensity levels which will increase your stamina on a daily basis. You will also be able to run, walk, or jog on an incline while keeping a steady pace.

Treadmills remain the number one fitness equipment; however, elliptical trainers are quickly becoming more popular. Both workouts burn fat, build bone density, and promote cardiovascular health. The important thing here is that you are easily able to find the right machine for your ideal workout.

If you want to purchase either, you have to know what to expect with the machines so you will get the best workout for you. Thoroughly research the product of your choosing, so you will not regret your decision.

Whether you choose an elliptical or treadmill for your workout, it should be the machine that you feel best fits your fitness goals.

How To Decide Which One Perfect For You

elliptical vs treadmillThere has been much controversy over treadmill vs elliptical as workouts. Some claim treadmill workouts are best, and some say elliptical is best. Part of the controversy is due to different expectations, as each workout targets different things. The comparison has to be selected based on what aspect of fitness is to be targeted.

Elliptical machines have two motions, stair-stepping and striding. Treadmills allow walking, running, and jogging. These differing motions mean different workouts. It is hard to compare the type workout, since they are so different. However, calories burned and aerobic workouts can be compared, as both allow for that.

Due to the fact that the elliptical machine supports some of the weight, more calories are burned with the treadmill, and a higher level of aerobic workout is obtained. This is good for seasoned trainers, or those training for marathons or such. However, for those who are new to exercise and who want to start off easier, the elliptical is preferable.

In addition to some support, which makes a lower impact workout, the elliptical also allows upper body workout, which treadmills don’t offer. The elliptical has a choice. If you choose, you can omit the upper body part of the workout, but it is available if you choose to do it. With the treadmill, there is not that option. You only get the lower body workout of walking, running, or jogging.

Calorie burn for both workouts is pretty comparable. The calorie burn for an elliptical without arm poles is basically the same as the calorie burn for a treadmill with incline. Adding arm poles increases the number of calories burned, as does adding an incline to the treadmill. Again, calories burned are pretty much equal.

Some advantages to the elliptical over the treadmill is in the options for beginning exercisers. It is possible to adjust resistance to a very low level that is more manageable, and since weight is partially supported, the impact on joints is minimal. Resistance can be gradually increased as ability increases. Another advantage is the ability to vary the workout so there is less boredom and burnout. Arm poles can be used or not, and resistance can simulate different types of skiing.

For the serious trainer, such as those training for marathons, the treadmill will give the more intense workout of the lower body. Intensity can be obtained quickly, since there is no extra support. Increases in inclines can quickly increase calorie burn, and intensity of workout.  However, the disadvantage to this intense workout is the increased danger of injuries during workouts.

Each machine has its own advantages and disadvantages. The elliptical is excellent for those just starting exercise, and for those recovering from running injuries and such. It can give an intense workout, but since the weight is partially supported, it doesn’t get as intense as soon. Thus, most seasoned trainers suggest using both machines, in a cross-training situation. Many alternate machines to avoid knee injuries. This allows for maximum training without injury or unnecessary relapse in intensity.

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