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What You Need to Know Before Buying Cheap Treadmills

cheap treadmillsAs with anything in life, you get what you pay for when buying cheap treadmills. However some wise and aggressive shopping can get you the best for the money. It is imperative to know what features most want, as you can’t have them all for this low price.

When looking at a treadmill, determine why it is cheap. If it is poorly made, or isn’t backed by a warranty, this might not be a good buy. However, if it is because it doesn’t have some of the extra features that some of the more expensive models have, , then it might be a good buy.

There are certain structural components that should be considered. One of these is the deck. It should be sturdy enough to handle your weight (more that you want, maybe) and the amount of usage you will give it (hopefully a lot). It should be at least 48” long and 16” wide for comfort and safety. There should also be some kind of suspension or cushioning for impact protection.

The motor is another important consideration. There should ideally be two motors, one that drives the belt and one that handles changes in the incline. The motor should be at least 1.5 horsepower, with 2.5 to 3.0 being better for heavier use. It should also power the belt up to 10 miles per hour for a good workout. The incline should go up to 10% minimum.

The control panel for the unit you choose should be convenient to view and use. Ideally, it should be lighted if at all possible. Backlighting is even better, but sometimes not available on an otherwise good unit. The ability to monitor heart rate, set speed and incline, and other such features are important. Decide what you want to monitor and control and decide accordingly.

Try out the unit you are considering before you buy it. Check that the belt is stable, and doesn’t move with each step. Check also for the sturdiness of the unit. It should not shift or move about with use. Check all the features that you want to be that unit has them and they are what you want.

Other features to consider, which may or may not be available at the price you plan to pay, are things like storable. Check to see if it folds. Another feature many like is the ability to connect to the internet for record-keeping and accessibility to new routines. Also, determine If the unit can provide the ability to walk, run, or jog. You want to be able to vary your routine.

Last, but definitely not lease, is the warranty. Warranties vary in what is provided, where any repairs are done, and deductibles. You don’t want to have to lug your huge treadmill into a repair shop because your warranty didn’t allow for in-home service. Also, make sure the amount of time for the warranty meets standard expectations.

Buying cheap treadmills is a risky undertaking. However, following these guidelines and shopping aggressively should result in your getting a good bargain. Certainly, you can’t expect the $500-$1000 treadmill to be as good as the $3000 one. Always remember all the considerations when buying cheap treadmills.

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