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A Heb Brother’s Model Under Nautilus Company

trimline treadmillA manufacturing company started in the late 1990’s by Bill and Joe Heb, the Trimline Treadmill has been one of the top-of-the-line treadmills in the market since 1994. Lately, one of the largest manufacturers in the sporting equipment market is Trimline Company from the Heb Brothers.

In terms of quality, Trimline Treadmill is at the top with some of the other more popular treadmill brands. Like Trotter Treadmill (under Cybex International), it also provides a luxurious price and ranges from $1,500 up to $2,500. The manufacturer mainly focuses on the excellence of each component of the treadmill. Its time line system is composed of drive motor, conveyor belt and other parts; these are reliable and exceedingly functional, making for tight competition in the treadmill market. Nautilus Company- the new owner of Trimline Inc. makes sure that the quality of the product are still as good as they were before. So talking about technical specifications, it is worth its price along with its built-in sturdiness and reliability.

Other features like an engine power of anywhere between 2hp to 2.5 hp, makes it more stable, and able to run smoother and quieter with less vibration. They also have 10-30 year warranties for the product’s motor. The product also calculates the speed and calories burned by the user, so it is a very useful tool for figuring out your stats when working out. This is a one-of-a-kind equipment which is appropriate for almost all age groups, depending on their specific needs. Unlike other treadmills, since it has enormous size there is no restriction as to who can use this treadmill. It has also eight shock absorbers: four of which are for heavy load and other remaining four are light load shock absorbers.

However, there are speculations that the company will stop manufacturing Trimline treadmills for unknown reasons. On the one hand, it’s not yet confirmed so previous buyers should not panic at all; the company won’t stop the warranty provided in a purchased treadmill. They are still on the market, so for those who want to purchase – do not worry, for they are still readily available.

Though the price can be costly, the quality speaks for itself. They are a good investment if you are looking for a new treadmill to use at home. Trimline treadmill is a fitness tool which focuses on its own quality for a longer lifespan and a better performance.

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