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Treadmill Maintenance

treadmill maintenance

Because we live in a busy world, many people rush around to avoid being late and often resort to eating in a cafeteria or a fast-food chain before going to work or school. As a result, heart, liver, kidney disease, and even obesity are becoming more common. A lot of us forget about having an effective workout routine. However, with the advancement in technology, there are a number of things available that can make our life easier and healthier. One of these is the treadmill, which is very useful as an alternative for exercising at a gym. However, since nothing lasts forever, constant treadmill maintenance is generally easy and inexpensive.

You must have a treadmill maintenance kit at home. It consists of a wax or silicon wax lubricant, which is used in lubricating the belt tracking for longer belt life and long-lasting usage. Using a dry belt over time will cause wear and too much friction, therefore can extremely damage the treadmill motor. For this reason, maintaining a treadmill requires constant lubricating of the belt to avoid motor failure.

On the other hand, before buying a maintenance kit, it is necessary to check the manual of the treadmill since some treadmills do not require lubricant, whereas others might need a specific type of lubricant provided by the manufacturer. Similarly, different models of treadmills have different specific needs in terms of how often each would be maintained. So it’s better to read the manual and do some periodic checks to avoid costly repairs due to neglect.

It is also necessary to take extra precautionary measures for maintaining a long-lasting treadmill. For one, you must decrease the tension of the treadmill belt since with constant use it will diverge from the amount of tension that a belt normally held. Hence, tightening the two screws aligned with each other which are located at the back of the treadmill should be taken in consideration with the use of Allen wrench. Moving on, it is also recommended to frequently clean the treadmill with the use of vacuum. This will avert some debris, dust, and fur from building up between the treadmill tracks and belt. Use a treadmill floor mat to avoid dust or any waste accumulation since presence of this will cause motor clogging. Lastly, try disinfecting the treadmill with the use of towel and a disinfectant to eliminate bacteria and sweat that can potentially result to dented belt and handrails.

To conclude, treadmill maintenance does not require any experts or expensive tools. You’ll just need to do constant research, reading your treadmill’s manual, and take certain precautions in order to have a long-lasting and functional treadmill.

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