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HealthRider Treadmill

Review On HealthRider Treadmill

Before HealthRider was purchased by the world’s largest manufacturer of exercise equipment, which is the ICON Health & Fitness Inc in the early 1990’s, it was known as the chief marketer of riders with its former name “Original Health rider”. The reason it was so popular to people in the ’90’s was because it was a total-body fitness machine which used a distinctive leverage system for weight distribution and primarily worked in toning the major muscle groups in the body.

Presently, HealthRider, under ICON’s guidance as far as innovation goes, expands its product line from riders to treadmills, elliptical machines and stationary bikes.

HealthRider Treadmill is also one of the cheaper models of ICON Inc. with price ranges from $600 to $ 1,500. In spite of its low-price, it comes with a lot of features what will definitely leave you in awe. Even though there are many things on the internet about how good this treadmill looks, and how nice some of the features are, others say this treadmill is not sturdy as far as quality is concerned. Compared to other expensive treadmills with 2-3 years of warranty, HealthRider Treadmill has a 90 day warranty along with Weslo and Proform treadmill (which in fact under ICON Inc. also). Hence, it will not last for a very long time, but considering other aspects of this brand of treadmill it will still survive in the fitness equipment market.

Features such as iFit, which is used as a motivational tool, with a virtual personal expert trainer who will guide you throughout the workout. Also, it has CD’s and videos in the package that will help you finish specific workouts, built-in fans, biological grip and pulse sensors which are incorporated in the hand grip for heart rate measurement, along with softrack cushioning system that guarantees stress-free in the knees, ankles, and joints. Currently, there are seven models for HealthRider treadmills- T600i, H150i, H550i, R60 SoftStrider, Pro H450i, Outlook and Pro H500i. R60 SoftStrider is the most expensive one with a price of $ 1,500 while the least is the H150i with a price of $400.

Lastly, when you talk about Healthrider, it is famous for marketing riders; however, in terms of HealthRider Treadmill quality is fairly good. Perhaps, with its advancement and constant effort to make some modifications, it will surely have an edge in the market.

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