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Now, you can experience an intense cardio workout system with the top-rated treadmill like this.

Walking is still considered to be one of the most beneficial cardiovascular exercises for all ages; this is a fundamental form of aerobic exercise. It has a lot of benefits not just on the cardiovascular system but also in the circulatory system as well. Walking can also be helpful in the major organs of the body such as the lungs and the liver.

Doctors do disagree. One might recommend you take vitamins and another might say they’re expensive and don’t really help. But all doctors do agree on one thing and that’s the importance of exercise. Whether you want to lose weight, lower your heart rate, get your type 2 diabetes under control or lower your blood pressure, you need to exercise. And one of the best exercises is running, jogging or just walking – on this treadmill.

For one thing, it was recently selected as a top fitness product by a top consumer information in America. If you want to know about the technical details of this treadmill, then read below:


1. It has shock absorbers that lessen the shock on your knees and joints. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about the possible injuries you can have due to the pressure exerted to your knees and joints.

2. It has a slick and practical design that makes your exercise smooth. Having a complicated design sometimes makes the exercise program such a hassle. So Bowflex simplified the design of this treadmill so avoid such hassle.

3. It features a wireless heart-rate monitor handle. This is probably one of the best features of treadmill nowadays. Monitoring your heart-rate is made easy with this wireless technology.

4. With its 3.0 HP heavy-duty motor, you got more power for your exercise. You don’t have to worry about how heavy you are, this treadmill will stay with you all the time.

5. It has 15 workout programs. Do you want variations on your workout? Then be amazed with the 15 workout programs of Bowflex Series 7 treadmill. Manual, running, cardio, fat burn, and speed interval jogger are just some of them.

Bowflex Series 7 vs. Schwinn 860

Schwinn 860 is the newer model of the Series 7. To give you a quick overview of the Schwinn 860, read its product summary below:

1. This treadmill also features a 3.0 HP heavy-duty motor.

2. It features 20 workout programs for workout variations.

3. The running area is very well cushioned to reduce the impact on your knees and joints during intense workouts.

4. You can fold up this treadmill easily when not in use.

Learn more about Schwinn 860 here.

What do they have in common?

They both have similar features/functions. You should know what are the common things between them so that you can focus more on their differences. Check out below:

1. Both have smooth motors.

2. They are very silent treadmills.

3. You can easily fold them up when not in use.

4. They both have digital displays.

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Comments/Feedback from Current Users

I am very happy and contented with this treadmill…

I am contented with this treadmill and I have this for weeks. It is very durable and is loaded with numerous features. – Lynn, from Epinions

This is an awesome machine!

I bought this from Amazon just recently. The reviews in Amazon totally helped me in my decision, so I want to share this with you. I have a huge respect to Consumer Reports as well, and it is a plus that they rated this product as a best buy. – Hamit, from Consumer Reports

Great treadmill machine!

I read consumer reports searching for the ideal treadmill for myself. It turned out that this is the recommended machine. It is a little expensive and you have to assemble it, however, it is a good product. – Durham, from Wallmart

Solid and reliable treadmill machine…

I bought this treadmill way back in October 2006, and I am very contented. The price has gone higher to 100 dollars since I bought it, but shipping is free and no tax. I read several Consumer Reports and this treadmill seem to have everything I want. I believe on its rating as “Best Buy” product. – Sierra, from Amazon

So far, so good!

The product reviews from Consumer Reports and Amazon are the driving forces of my investment. I am very happy with Bowflex Series 7. The only disadvantage I see on this product is the heart-rate monitor. It takes a while to read the heart rate. I find this feature useless. On the other hand, the product includes a remote monitor and works great! – Toni, from Expert Reviews

Ratings from respected and reliable sites

Amazon – 4 stars

Consumer Reports – 5 stars

Cnet – 4 stars

Wallmart – 3.5 stars

Consumer Search – 4 stars

Epinions – 4 stars

Pros and Cons

On the pro side – one advantage of the Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill is that it’s very sturdy. It has a powerful, long-lasting motor and the 15 programs that allow you to choose the speed and incline that will give you the best possible workout. Also, set-up is easy and the instructions that come with the unit are very easy to follow. One user commented that this machine is as good, if not better, then some of the “commercial quality” machines that you would find in health clubs.

On the negative or con side, the unit is very heavy. If you want to move it, you may have to find a friend to help you. Also, it’s supposed to fold up for storage but at least one user says he can’t imagine ever using that feature as the unit is so heavy and because it’s so big you couldn’t really hide it anywhere. Another user commented that when you grip the heart-rate monitor, it seems to take a very long time before you get a reading. And a third was disappointed that there was no way to fix a programming mistake without turning the machine off.

Recommended for:

1. People who are busy and cannot find the time to go out to the gym.

2. Old people who want to exercise and strengthen their bones and muscles.

3. Mothers who are busy taking good care of their babies.

4. People who have sensitive knees and joints.

5. People who just want to exercise and needs a great unit.

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