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Body Building Tips and Exercises

Squats and leg presses

There are many body building exercises out there, one only needs to visit the local gym or fitness center and look at all the different varieties of exercises being done. There are however, exercises meant to build more muscle that are different from say, aerobic exercises which focus more on burning fat and are common to those losing weight.

Body building can be a fun activity and a rewarding one too if the exercises are done properly and in the correct form. This has to be said because injuries arising from incorrect body building training are serious and in most cases, long lasting. That should however not keep you from the gym if you are determined to build muscle in the correct way.

For a good feel of the exercises, most trainers will advise you to train one body part a day. The body parts are divided into chest, back, legs, arms and shoulders. doing this will ensure the whole body gets to participate in the workout and gives a recently trained body part time to rest as you train another. Essentially, most gym workout plans will be divided into 5 days, with each day assigned a body part. It should be noted that for effective muscle growth, the body has to be exercised at least 3 times a week, consistently. This is good reprieve for those who work long hours in a week as they can schedule 3 workouts in their schedule.

Various exercises stimulate muscle growth for different muscle groups. The bench press is effective for the chest area. Squats and leg presses do wonders for the legs, and dead lifts give rise to incredibly strong backs. The list of exercises is endless; just make sure you adhere to the proper form when performing them. Body building exercises are usually done in reps (repetitions). For the beginner, 8 to 10 reps are good. As you go along, the number of reps increases (but not exponentially). The limit for most bodybuilders is usually 15, and this also depends on the type of exercise.

Visit your local gym or fitness center if you are looking to add some more muscle. Make sure the trainers are professionally trained and that the center is equipped for your needs. Some equipment may lack (might be expensive to purchase), but this should not deter you from your quest as it is your commitment and dedication that will bring about results.

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