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Triceps Exercises Tutorial

Triceps push upsTriceps exercises are well known for building our arm muscles and strengthening them. For good results, you need to find the best triceps exercises that will properly work your arms. Here are some of the best triceps workouts you can opt for:

a.) Triceps dip

This is an intensified triceps muscle activity performed to achieve great triceps growth. It usually has weight belt together with heavy weight pack to work your triceps to full blast. For extreme triceps development, people prefer using triceps dip because of its greatness and effectiveness.

b.) Close grip triceps bench press

For the purpose of obtaining a pressing ability and well built triceps, close grip triceps bench press is most preferred. Weight lifters largely like using this form of triceps exercise due to its intensity and ability to enable the flexibility of muscle contractions to the lifters. Its prominent range of motion helps in building strong and heavily muscled arms. You can use close grip triceps bench press to achieve big arms capable of lifting very heavy weights.

c.) Triceps cable push-downs

This is one of the greatest triceps exercises you can opt for. With triceps cable push-down, you can work your arms with the three heads of triceps. It has a bar with a switch that regulates the intensities suitable for you. The switch allows you to vary the angles in which you want to exercise your triceps and if done correctly, it usually results into in great triceps growth. The best of triceps cable pushdown is that it enables you to get uniformly worked out triceps with a perfect look.

d.) Triceps pushups

Triceps pushups are the simplest and easier to perform triceps exercise. Its goodness is its versatility and range of variations it has. Triceps pushups can be done anywhere and at any angle. But great triceps growth is obtained by placing the hands close together and changing their positions at time intervals. Higher hits can be reached by placing your legs on a table or chair in order to develop more force and pressure on the arms’ muscles.

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