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Best Chest Exercises

Best Chest ExercisesThe chest is very large muscle group that occupies the front of our ribcage, and when well maintained through exercise, gives a great body description. Just look at all the magazines that have well-muscled, bare chaste men and you’ll get the picture. A well-defined chest is the dream of most body builders, but without proper information and training, can be hard to attain.

The best chest exercises are often those that involve movement of the whole chest muscle group. Such an exercise is called a compound movement. A compound movement is one that involves more than one body part. Compound exercises also achieve the best results and should therefore be integrated into workouts.

Ok, back to the chest exercises. A compound exercise for the chest would be the bench press. The bench press involves lying flat on a bench and lifting weights attached to both ends of a bar, up and down your chest. It is very effective for building chest muscle, and also involves using the shoulders and triceps. The pec deck is also another great chest exercise that can be performed to build chest muscle.

Most chest exercises require weights of some sort so as to achieve the desired results. However, not all require weights. Push-ups are a great way to exercise the chest without use of weights, and can be performed at home. Pull-ups also exercise, though to a lesser degree, the chest muscles and can be incorporated into the workout. Exercises that require weights include the bench press, pec deck, incline and decline bench presses and the lying and incline barbell press. A qualified trainer at the gym should be able to assist you in performing these exercises.

A word of caution though, for those who want to build muscle fast. Muscle growth will not happen overnight, it takes time. So be patient, do your reps and sets correctly and you’ll get to the Promised Land soon enough. Remember to get enough rest between training sessions, hydrate and most of all, do not over train. This will lead to more disastrous and negative results.

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